Want your business, service or product to reach thousands of listeners each week, to a specific demographic or interest group?  Maybe you want a live broadcast from your location, well we can do all that for you.

Podcasting is a rapidly growing medium with a proven reach to engaged audiences around the world. Podcast listening increased 23% between 2015 and 2016, reaching nearly 31% of the population with nearly 73 million Americans listening to podcasts, and 64% of all podcasts being listened to on a mobile platform such as smartphones and tablets.* An audience that’s engaged, on the move, embraces technology and change, and actively seeks out desired content. That’s a marketer’s dream.

Other important facts:

Podcast interviews convert 25 times better than blogs
85 percent of listeners hear all (or most of) a podcast
$220 million was spent on podcast advertising in 2017
Traffic from podcast interviews converts at 25 to 50% visitor to lead
45% of monthly podcast listeners have household income over $75K


Choose from one of our ( or all) 9 weekly podcasts on

Coffee and Cannabis with Rachel

Comic Con Chronicles with DW and special guests!

Random Sh!t, Random Guy with Phillip Broyles. Podcast that does go from sports, comics, music, news and well random and very fun

The Ming and Mike Show with AMC’s Comic Book Men, Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic. Podcast focusing on the popculture and daily happenings within their busy celeb life

Single and Surviving with Magen Christine. Each week Magen talks about her dating life and the trials and tribulations and gives advice to others

The Gravy Gig from The Spot 518 with host Michael Hallisey . Focusing on the local happenings and talent within the upstate NY 518 area

The Angry Geeks Show with Lewis and Jeremy. The guys show is strongly focused on the comic convention world with special celeb guest and artists/creators with that realm

The Grindhouse Radio with Brimestone, Kim and Zambo. This show covers so much from music, news, popculture with some great guests from around those worlds

Steady GEEKIN’ with hosts Blake, Brandon and MAGS. Popculture podcast focusing on comics, movies, toys with special guests within the industry

You can have one of our podcast personalities read a written advertisement provided by you or if you have a pre-recorded audio ad, we can play that during the episode of your choosing or we can produce you your own audio ad with info provided by you.

Some of our ads and intros we have produced for clients.

Contact us below for rates and more options.

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