Comic Con Chronicles EP 2 Baltimore Comic Con 2016

Listen to and all new Comic Con Chronicles from this years Baltimore Comic Con! Rob and Manny from Popping the Cherrywood, Mike Sains, and The Incredible Jeff shared a booth with the awesome Death Wish Coffee crew right on the main floor, and gained some amazing segments throughout all three days. Thanks to everyone from Ominous Press, Tom Raney, Matthew Dow Smith, Buz Hasson, Amy Chu, Michael Bracco, the guys from Fanatical Podcast, Richard Ankey and Comic Wow, and more! Special thanks to Sean Con Gorman for creating an amazing picture out of coffee and for creating a scene, and to Randy Tischler for welcoming us back and helping to make another incredible experience at Baltimore Comic Con. Listen to the end for an exclusive interview with the voice of the Kool-Aid Man Brock Powell as he talks about a new project he is a part of and he even does a podcast!