Food Town: Brood X Cicadas Emerging For The First Time In 17 Years, And You Can Eat Them

Photo: Getty Images

Apparently trillions of Brood X cicadas are emerging for the first time in 17 years in 15 states and if you’re lucky enough to reside in one of the chosen states, you can harvest and eat these critters!

Per CNET, these cicadas spend most of their lives underground and come out for at least 3-4 weeks for a massive mating season. Rather than turning to pest control, there’s another solution — eating them.

Many people who are looking for alternative ways to consume protein with reducing their carbon footprint in mind may find cicadas a suitable replacement. Insects emit fewer greenhouse gasses and can boast more protein than meat.

Johns Hopkins University sustainable food expert Jessica Fanzo said in a statement, “There is the yuck factor, but people who are looking for alternative sources of animal protein shouldn’t rule out cicadas. Once you get over the look of them, they’re quite tasty.”

Bizarrely yet not surprisingly, a Google search for “cicada recipes” pulls up a plethora of ways to cook various species of these insects, from cicada chips to spicy popcorn cicadas to cicada cookies for those with a sweet tooth.