Icelandic Volcano Makes People Lose Their Minds, Get Naked

After reporting a newly opened fissure on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland, locals and tourists alike were drawn to the southwestern part of the island to watch the slowly flowing lava.

Some folks have seemingly lost their minds and could not stand to just spectate, taking things to another level.

One visitor tried to cook bacon and eggs on the lava — but the pan melted in the heat. Eiríkur Hilmarsson took to YouTube to share the video. About 11 seconds long, the clip shows a pan kept on top of lava. A moment later, he breaks eggs and puts them in the pan. The video ends with him waiting for it to get cooked.

Hilmarsson added a comment under his video saying, “going again soon… Thinking about what I should cook next. I might also use a tool with a long shaft to grab some of the lava and move to a less hot/dangerous area. ”

A local adventure tour guide, Sveinn Snorri Sighvatsson has gone viral for standing in front of the volcano… completely naked.

According to CNN Travel, Sighvatsson, who works for the tour company I Am Iceland, was asked to model a pair of sunglasses as a favor and decided to take things up a notch to ensure maximum exposure.