Photo: Getty Images

A man in South Carolina is facing charges after allegedly pointing a “finger gun” at an Upstate doctor and threatening to “get him,” WYFF reports.

According to Sgt. Jeff Graham, the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office received a call around 9 a.m. Tuesday (May 18) about a patient allegedly threatening to harm a doctor at Lakelands Orthopedic Associates, at 102 Gregor Mendel Circle in Greenwood.

A patient, identified as George Michael Osborne, arrived at the medical facility for treatment for an injury. When a doctor told Osborne that he couldn’t do anything for the injury, Graham said, the patient became angry and threatened the doctor by holding up his hand like a gun and saying that if he couldn’t help, he would be back to get him.

Osborne left the facility, but the doctor and other staff believed he could return with a real gun to follow up on the threats he had reportedly made so they contacted law enforcement.

Osborne was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and battery, which Graham explained was because the threat was in person and therefore the suspect had the ability to carry out the threat.

A similar situation occurred in 2019 when a 13-year-old girl in Kansas was charged with a felony threat after pointing a finger gun at several of her classmates.