Talk Hard with Seth Cooper Ep 3: NFL is Here!

Seth opens the show recapping NFL Week 1. Is Mitch Trubiski dare I say GOOD? Cam Newton’s first big test of the year comes early and in Week 2. The Dallas Stars defense has been stellar throughout the bubble and the D-core stepped up big in Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals. When will the next NHL season actually start? The problem with starting next season in late March-early April and the problems and challenges it faces. Fantasy lineup’s plus picks for the Winners for this week in the NFL and gives his own advice on how to improve on his 8-7 record. PLUS MLB Bubble Postseason talk and what are the actual odds of DW getting his $20 from Tom Greer along with is Seth okay with being the sixth man / pinch hitter off the bench for the Network? SPOILER: yes. 

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