Talk Hard With Seth Cooper Ep 4: Elaine Shircliff

On this new episode, Seth is joined with Columbus Blue Jackets & Cleveland Monsters Beat reporter Elaine Shircliff. Learn how they met in Syracuse covering a playoff series. NHL Free Agency, who were the real winners and losers from a General Manager team standpoint. Plus hear stories of what it’s like being in a press box and how Elaine prepares for a gameday. Along with some funny stories including our interactions with Stan Bowman & Steve Yzerman. Will a COVID hockey season have an impact on how many overseas players come back over to American soil. With the ECHL having a plan in place with the NHL, we both in depth on what we both think the AHL will look like for next hockey season. Tinder matches and Elaine’s take on affiliation’s throughout the entire league and exactly who’s the best from top to bottom from SPHL, all the way to the show. That and more.

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