The Grindhouse Radio: Tommy Hobson

Kim, Brim and Mr. Greer. Apart from all the usual shenanigans, the gang chats about all things current events in pop culture such as The news that Britney Spears is finally free!! We discuss apparently there’s another stupid sinsing show what look like a night spent in VR chat. They touch on the beef surrounding Machine gun kelly and Conor mcgregor,Brim and Tom’s experience at pig island over the weekend, how did all the 90’s kids feel about the most recent message that their old friend steve from blues clues dropped on them and getting to hangout and chat with friend of the show Matt Worgul of Gentle Giant Brewings while they enjoy some delicious beer and BBQ he provided. Last but certainly not least we catch up with the great Tommy Hobson and he lets them in on all the things hes been doing since the last they spoke even talking about his new venture with nickelodeon. As always sit back, relax, enjoy and remember GHR its where its at!! Also September is suicide awareness month and us at the Grindhouse Radio would like to ensure that you have the information on who to call if you or someone you love may need some help 800-273-8255. You are not alone and you have friends here with The Grindhouse Radio.

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