Today With DW Evening Edition w/ Seth Cooper 10/14/20

On today’s Today With DW in Hollywood Happenings the boys discuss Bill Burr’s Saturday Night Live monologue, RIP, Conchata Ferrell. Are multiple streaming services in a full on bidding war? Coming 2 America sequel a go? AND where will it end up? Seth breaks down what’s streaming, what’s new and returning to cable this week along with specials. PLUS an update from a story we covered last week. In the Junk Drawer, I’m stealing. I’ll read about it in the newspaper.. When you go golfing next; look out for this lady… That’s not Hand Sanitizer, it’s mommy’s special lotion…They opened up the tourist attraction for one guy who had been waiting since March & this Man and his wife are looking for a (Horse Job)? that & more. Brought to you by BODYARMOR, The Shirt Factory and Adventure Family Fun Center. Streamed with Streamyard.Rocktober Podcast Event Sponsor The Pizza Shack.