Today With DW Evening Edition w/Seth Cooper 10/15/20

It’s a Stump DW Thursday! The boys continue to celebrate Rocktober as we get close to the weekend and more thoughts on Caption That Photo. In Hollywood Happenings, the Global Cinema Federation has had enough. LA Comic Con is Cancelled but is it really a surprise? Amazon is dipping into the late ’90s nostalgia. Did HBO Max take a swing and a miss on this beloved musical? This was intended to raise money for charity instead turned into an EDM-centric public health controversy AND in the Junk Drawer I’m Missing Screw road? She attacked her boyfriend because he refused to do what? PLUS we may have found the answer why DW isn’t married…Seth has a message for this business and it’s to get better BBQ!! That & more Brought to you by BODYARMOR, The Shirt Factory and Adventure Family Fun Center. Streamed with Streamyard.Rocktober Podcast Event Sponsor The Pizza Shack.