Today With DW Evening Edition W/Seth Cooper 9/10/20

Say Cheese! The gang is throwing it back celebrating National School Picture Day! Excuse us if you hear a microwave while going off during tonight’s show we’re just warming up our dinners to eat in front of our TV’s later. Jamie Foxx, after striking a deal with Netflix, strikes another deal in tonight’s Hollywood Happenings. I guess you could say he’s got the power…. After reporting on this about two months ago, Seth & DW finally reveal who won the bidding rights for The New Era of Fresh Prince and why they are really going all out. HBO Max stepping in the video game world? Jay Leno is back. PLUS in the Junk Drawer would you try and cheat your favorite “game show” you watch on TV? It’s Thursday which means it’s another week of Stump D.W. that & more. Brought to you by BODYARMOR, The Shirt Factory and Adventure Family Fun Center.Streamed with Streamyard.