Today With DW Evening Edition w/The Shadow 8/13/20

On Tonight’s Today With DW, Happy Birthday Internet! Can DW snap is 0-2 streak on Stump With DW or will he be stumped once again by his Assistant Producer. Plus it’s a very special day for DW ‘s co-host has finally celebrated something meaningful in his life. Would you tape yourself to a billboard to promote a movie or is this person just a Jackass? 2020 has really been a slow and backwards year but are we headed back in times? Plus $8 a day.. yeah… well back in 1923 that was okay. Do you prefer a riding or push mower? Will we tell you what health expects are weighing in and saying about your care lawn choice. That and more coming up on tonight’s episode Harden are you ready? Brought to you by BODYARMORThe Shirt Factory and Adventure Family Fun Center.
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