Wicked Horror Show Episode 31 Presents 13 Graves

Wicked Horror Show Episode 31 Presents 13 Graves

13 Graves is a low budget folk horror feature film, written, produced and to be directed by John Langridge. The project is currently scheduled to film on location in Sussex from late October. As with all low budget films, this is a labour of love and deep commitment from cast and crew, and every penny will count. Community engagement and involvement is a central aim, and the project is beginning to draw both community and corporate support to put Eastbourne and Sussex on the film-making map.

This weeks episode is brought to you by Slab-Pro and Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

13 Graves on indiegogo

13 Graves website

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In brief
* John Langridge is a successful film maker with films shown at Cannes and the Portobello Film Festival with international distribution.
* John, Drop Dead Films and the 13 Graves team all passionately believe that small films can be just as great as blockbusters, with open-mindedness, creativity, and careful resource management.
* Although the project is already partially funded corporately, we have a distributor waiting to distribute and sell the film, so we have an advantage in not having to sell the film to a distributor.
* We believe that crowdfunding offers the audience the opportunity to participate in, engage with, and benefit directly from the film-making process.
Watch the video here:

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