Wicked Horror Show Ep 39 Tristan Clay Destinie Orndoff Mixdown 1

Wicked Horror Show present Tristan Clay and Destinie Orndoff
“Red Eye” is a legend Gage Barker use to be told as a kid. When he found out there was some truth behind this legend he gathered a group of friends to hike in the backwoods of Black Creek, WV to help him use this as the basis for his first film project. To what extent will they go to make this project a reality? Will their passion bleed through? Or cross the line?

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Deranged Minds Entertainment
Follow Tristan Clay – Director. Writer. Producer.
Director/Writer of several projects including KARMA, Desolate, SIN, and my upcoming first feature length film
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Confirmed Horror Addict, Headbanger & Halloween Enthusiast. Fangirl for Rob Zombie. Actress/Writer/Producer of Red Eye
Tristan Clay Patterson was born in a small Kentucky town on August 3, 1996. Barely 20 years old, Tristan has spent his early years making fan films with friends on the weekends. His first short film, “Karma,” was done without a crew and a few friends from high school. Tristan’s second film, “Desolate,” he did without a crew, one friend and in only two hours.
Expanding his film making skills, Tristan has started Deranged Minds Entertainment with his partner, Destinie Orndoff. He’s not only writing, but also producing and directing. The year 2016 will mark the company’s first project, “Red Eye.”
Destinie Orndoff was born March 6, 1997 in Morgantown West Virginia, USA as Destinie Faith Orndoff. She’s an American film actress, writer and producer. She’s been an avid horror fan and has been deeply into the genre since she was a young girl. She grew up watching and living through horror and eventually decided to chase her life long dream of creating and acting in horror films. Her goal was to do something in the genre that has made such an amazing impact on her life.


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