Today With DW Evening Edition w/Seth Cooper 11/4/20

On today’s Today With DW, In The More You Know, very few toys remain popular for 57 years, but this one has. In Hollywood Happenings, Will U.S. Streamers pay for the production of Canadian film, TV and music products by 2023? The next big theatrical release will be by 2022? In the Junk Drawer, The Karens don’t like the Pole Dancing Skelton, He set his 170K car on fire because he wanted to shoot a video for the internet, She scammed Amazon out of over 100K AND I will have a burger, but hold everything except the ketchup, PLUS a Health Official dressed as a clown announces COVID Death Toll.. Well…ALSO Being Naked in your backyard isn’t always legal.. that & more..Brought to you by BODYARMOR, The Shirt Factory and Adventure Family Fun Center.Streamed by StreamYard.