The Ultimate Video Game Show EP 13 Presents Jason Miceli from Geek Fever Games

Geek Fever Games is proud to deliver the most exciting and compelling game experiences on this side of the known universe. Founded in 2012, Connecticut game designers Jason Miceli, Matthew Plourde, and Tim Mierzejewski have fulfilled 5 successful crowdfunding campaigns and published 6 games to date. Notable achievements include Boston Festival of Indie Games Tabletop Showcase, IndieDB top 0.1%, The Game Crafter Staff Pick, Sanity Accolade, Artwork Accolade, and Tachyon Seller Accolade.

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Introducing Dead Man’s Doubloons
Players take on the role of a legendary pirate ship captain, hell-bent on winning the race to endless riches of buried treasure.

* Simultaneously wage war on two fronts
* Everything in the game can be stolen, even other ships
* Innovative treasure map system
* Sunken ships become ghost ships with cursed treasure and unique gameplay mechanics
* Visually stunning
* Fast, engaging gameplay with an epic finale!

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Plus Word accepted into BostonFIG 2016’s Tabletop Showcase. Mars vs. Earth accepted into BostonFIG 2015’s Tabletop Showcase. Sim Hero achieved top 0.1% on IndieDB. Many accolades received from The Game Crafter.

Dead Man’s Doubloons, Mars vs. Earth, Sim Hero, Awesome Bots, Plus Word, Young Wizards, Simply Adorable Slugfest

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